Get a new level of experience while protecting your eyes

Lightpack — content-driven lighting system for your displays (TV or monitor), working with your PC or Mac to watch movies, play games, or work on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems. LightPack was funded with Kickstarter at May 2013.

Protect your eyes and upgrade it
with Lightpack

Reduce the difference in lighting between dark and bright scenes

It takes about 5 sec for an eye pupil to narrow to react to bright light, and up to 5 mins to increase the size of a pupil when scene gets dark back. Every movie switches from dark to bright scenes a large number of times. The muscles of an eye are in constant tension which can lead to vision problems. Lightpack can compensate rapid fluctuations of the room light.
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Utilize eye-focus specifity

Your eye anatomy can't focus on the whole field of view. So your eye percepts your display like picture on right. Most of field of vision is unfocused and you percept solid picture only thanks to brain capabilities. That's why Lightpack can "expand" your screen.
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Lightpack features you want to know

146% Open Source

Lightpack is an open-source project. This means we’ve published all PCB layouts and BOM under the GPL license. Besides that we’ve also disclosed all software and firmware source codes. If you think we could not make the project more transparent, you are wrong! We created a special PCB layout for DIY-enthusiasts and wrote manual for Lightpack do-it-yourselfers. We also support the network API which helps you adding your own plugins or controlling the Lightpack device remotely with the help of 3rd-party apps. Lightpack is fully opened for users, hackers, makers or anyone else.

Github Octocat

Build for the real needs

...and not for telling your friends stuff like “Check it out guys, my lightbulb got a bluetooth!” Everything written in the Scientific background page is an absolute truth, that’s why we are doing our best to make our device, and our software as well, to meet requirements of the real world instead of making it for the advertising videos purpose. This is why our LEDs give out the full color spectre that is well distinguished by your eyes. This is why our software has features like eye-saving threshold or average scene color. This is why we always put a lot of efforts into simplifying user-experience to the most.

Up to 5 Lightpacks teamwork

For those of you, who are the proud owners of the huge diagonal TVs (more than 130 cm) we provided the possibility of several Lightpack’s simultaneous work with one copy of the software, Prismatik. We often get a question: “How many Lightpacks do I need for my 100500-cm diagonal TV?”. Enough guessing, here’s a calculator for you:



There’s no need in any additional drivers for main operational systems. Lightpack will be automatically identified as a standard HID device on the first connect. Simply install the software and perform an easy setting up — and your Lightpack is ready to go.

Lightpack device in Windows Control Panel

Annoying-free adhesive

Lightpack is attached to your display with the help of adhesive layer applied on all necessary elements. We’ve chosen the strongest glue foam we could find. It’s called to fix LEDs securely on plastic and metal and to be removed on demand without leaving any considerable traces. If you’re planning to shift the LED’s often, we included additional set of adhesive strips and simple accessories for cable management to the package for you.

Easy to setup

We know how bothersome might be the initial device setup, with placing zones to their spots, adjusting the sizes etc. We know because we are bothered with that several times a day. This is why we came up with a simple system of Constellation patterns, which was brought to cover the needs of 90% of users. You only need to attach LEDs according to one of the variants in our illustrated guide and then to click a button with the according Constellation in Prismatik.

Lightpack Andromede constellation

Kickstarter funded

Lightpack’s mass production proved real thanks to 5 812 people, who trusted us with more than half a million dollars of their money during our 2013 May campaign at, the most popular crowdfunding ground. It was a never-to-be-forgotten adventure, resulted into a new chapter of Lightpack’s life.

Funded with Kickstarter

Remote control app

Subsequent to Prismatik for Android, we are taking up a mobile app that will allow you to control your Lightpack remotely while keeping your seat at your sofa: to switch operating modes, to set the colors to your liking, to turn it on and off, to launch animation etc. It will be released soon. Stay tuned to our news.

Android remote control


Thanks to peculiarities of its firmware and cross-platform software, Lightpack is compatible with all popular operating systems. It works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and, since recently, even Android. Moreover, if you like to tinker with various embedded-Linux devices (such as TV-receivers, media-tanks or RaspberryPi), then you’ll practically definitely manage to make Lightpack work with them too.

Prismatik is a cross-platform software for Lightpack controlling. There’s a desktop Prismatik that works in Windows, Linux and OS X. In addition to desktop version we also have a variety of plugins and connectors ready for service, which allow to control Lightpack from, for example, XBMC. There’s also an Android Prismatik, designed for media centers and HDMI-dongles based on Android 4 OS.

Prismatik for Windows screenshots


It’s our main software for installing on desktops, laptops and HTPC. It fully supports plugins systems and our open API is translated to several languages and is entirely “opened”. The software might encounter some difficulties on certain combinations of hardware and operating system — full info on this matter you can read in our documentation. Here are just a few features of desktop Prismatik:

  • Capture from video and most games
  • Up to 5 Lightpacks teamwork support
  • Simple backlight (Mood lamp) mode
  • Scene luminosity threshold for your eyes
  • Color balance setting for each LED separately
  • Individual adjustable capture area for each LED
  • Overall average color for all areas calculation mode and much more...

Prismatik for Android 4


The app works on any Android based device with OS version 4.0 or higher. Capturing and analyzing will be realized only under condition of granted root privileges (unlike all other features, which are available always). The app is adapted to gamepad controlling and functions in TV-fitting horizontal GUI orientation. Published .apk you can try right now. Key features:

  • Up to 5 Lightpacks teamwork support
  • Simple GUI with gamepad support
  • Automatic "letterbox" recognition
  • "Constellations" setup system
  • Overall average color for all areas calculation mode
  • Eye-saving mode and much more...

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Led-Module Replacement and Bug Fixes

We have some important news! For the last few months our support have received a huge amount of questions regarding LightPack and a lot of suggestions. First of all thank you for your feedback! Recently we sent a new batch of LED replacements for those of you who had an issues. New version of Prismatik software is also avaliable with many fixes and improvements.
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All shipments completed

Currently, the tasks of highest priority for us are support, documentation and software updates and we dedicate most of our time to them. Nevertheless we do have an update on current project status. But first things first.
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